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General Title Insurance Co.


The General Title Insurance Company has been in the business of selling title insurance since 1925. As one of the largest, independent title insurance underwriters in Ohio, the Company takes pride in its ability to provide competitive title insurance products and competent services to the real estate community through its family of title insurance agents.


Demotech, Inc., a financial analysis and actuarial consulting firm, has assigned General Title Insurance Company a Financial Stability Rating® (FSR) of A, Exceptional. Only a handful of title insurance underwriters receive such an impressive rating.


In addition to our unique level of financial stability, our underwriting staff possesses over 60 years of combined legal experience in the areas of real estate and title insurance defense. This experience has played a major role in helping to shape the landscape of real estate law in Ohio through such notable cases as:

Mortgage Electronic Registration Sys. v. Odita, 159 Ohio App.3d 1, 2004 Ohio 5546 (reinforced the limitations of filing improperly executed mortgages in Ohio)


First Union v. Harmon, 2002-Ohio-4446

(upheld the use of equitable subrogation to gain mortgage priority for our Insured)

We have on-site attorneys who are available at any time to answer questions or provide underwriting guidance to fit your particular needs. Our efforts get results both for our agents and our Insureds.

North American Title Insurance Co.


North American traces its beginnings to two companies, one in California and one in Florida. North American Title Insurance Company began operating in California on February 15, 1959 under the name First American Aircraft Title Insurance Company. In 1991, North American Title Insurance Company was acquired by a North American holding company, North American Asset Development Corporation, and immediately renamed. In addition to California, North American later became authorized to do business in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Oklahoma.


As for North American’s Florida beginnings, Lennar Corporation decided in 1994 that it would enter the title underwriting business to complement its title agency operation. As such, Lennar formed North American Title Insurance Corporation on May 18, 1994. In addition to Florida, North American later became authorized to do business in the states of District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Texas and Virginia.


In 1998, these two companies became affiliates when Lennar’s title holding company, North American Title Group, Inc., acquired North American Asset Development Corporation. North American Title Insurance Company continued its focus on the West Coast of the United States, while North American Title Insurance Corporation expanded in the East Coast.


For some time, it was the vision of the leaders of North American to merge the two underwriters and create one of the largest title insurance underwriters in the country. With this larger size and capitalization, North American would be better positioned to compete with national underwriters for larger residential transactions and become a bigger player in the commercial arena. Effective January 1, 2007, that vision was made a reality when North American Title Insurance Corporation was merged with and into North American Title Insurance Company. What started as two separate and distinct beginnings is now one strong and bright future.


The new North American Title Insurance Company is among the largest title insurance underwriters in the United States. It's authorized to do business in over 25 states from coast-to-coast. Demotech, Inc. and LACE Financial (insurance rating agencies) have both rated North American as one of the best capitalized and managed underwriters in the title insurance industry. With a history as unprecedented as this one, North American’s future has no limits.



Tile insurance is a way to protect yourself from financial loss in the event that problems develop regarding the rights of ownership of your property. There may be hidden defects that even a detail and thorough title search will not reveal. In addition to protecting you against financial loss, title insurance pays the cost of defending against any covered claim.


A lenders policy will insure the lender that has a valid lien on the property. Most lenders require this type of insurance and will require the borrower to pay for it, in most cases.


Standard Owners Policy

The property owner does not benefit from a lender's policy if the title loss occurs. For a slight additional premium, the property owner can obtain an owner's policy to protect the owner's equity from an insured title loss.


Lender's title policies remain effective as long as the mortgage is secured by the property. However, owners' title policies insure the owner's equity, up the policy limit, as long as the owners or heirs own the property.


When an owners' title policy is purchased simultaneously with the lender's policy at the time of closing or within 30 days of the dat of closing, the cost is minimal.


Increased Owner's Coverage

Expand title coverage for owners of the one-to-four family residences, including condominiums, provide more coverage automatically than any previous policy.


There are nine (9) important new coverage's automatically than any previous policy. Some of these coverage's include post policy forgery which occur in the future, encroachments on the insured property which occur after property, violations of restrictions that occur before the home owner bought the property and more. It provides protection in situations that the home owner and real estate agents could never have been foreseen.





We offer some of the most competitive rates in the region for refinancing your home. Furnishing the settlements, aka the HUD, from the loan you are refinancing even qualifies you for significant discounts. Just tell your loan officer to use Buckeye Title Agency, or if you are shopping around give us a call, or shoot us an email for quotes on fees for refinancing your home.





We pride ourselves on the service we give to all parties involved in a purchase transaction. Whether it is a simple cash purchase, a purchase from a Sheriff Sale, or a complex transaction with numerous parties involved, Buckeye Title Agency is experienced and dedicated to the closing process. If you are working with a Real Estate agent let them know you would like to use Buckeye Title Agency. Or just give us a call or shoot us an email to inquire about our outstanding service.


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